Conference And Training

Conference & Training

It is highly important for conference organizers to find a place that can meet their requirements and satisfy the participants. FLTRP International Convention Centre has over 60 meeting rooms of different styles and sizes. Several thousand people can hold different meetings here at the same time. The Convention Centre has qualified managers to help create a relaxed environment and make your meetings effective.
Grand Auditorium
Grand AuditoriumGrand AuditoriumGrand Auditorium
·The auditorium has 1000 soft seats and a platform that can seat a 100-member presidium; 
·It is suitable for singing and dancing shows and movies;
·Its advanced circular audiovisual system can produce Hi-Fi effect;
·The central air-conditioning system can adjust the indoor temperature and supply fresh air.

Lecture Hall
·The Lecture Hall is especially designed for high-level international conferences and business meetings. The terraced floor enables all the audience to have an open view of the front.
·The Lecture Hall has 500 soft seats, each behind a moveable glass panel for writing. It is equipped with a multimedia system for simultaneous interpretation and alternative speaking.
·The large indoor space can be lit with remote-adjustable natural light, which is both bright and gentle.
Multifunction Halls·The five multifunction halls in different sizes are equipped with audiovisual facilities, suitable for meetings, ceremonies, banquets, cocktail parties, dance parties and other activities.·They are equipped with meeting facilities, VODs, large projector screens, audio consoles and stage lamps·You can rearrange the halls for different functions.

Other Meeting Rooms

·16 meeting rooms of different styles
·Suitable for meetings of 15-50 people
·Equipped with imported sound systems and projectors
·Equipped with audio signal synthesizers and multimedia demonstration systems

·Over 40 classrooms of different sizes
·Equipped with audio systems, multimedia and computers
·Suitable for teaching, meeting and training.